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Welcome to our weekly AI tech update, “AI Revolution Weekly: Unleashing the Future, Today!” We’re here to keep you informed and entertained with the latest happenings in the AI world. Let’s dive into the most exciting news from June 20 to June 24, 2023.

Marvel’s AI-Generated Credits Spark Controversy

Marvel’s new television series, Secret Invasion, faced backlash over its AI-generated opening credits. The innovative utilization of AI in the entertainment industry sparked a heated debate online, highlighting the increasing impact of AI in our daily lives.

AI Dominates the Newsroom

Germany’s Bild tabloid announced a €100m cost-cutting program, leading to approximately 200 redundancies. The company also hinted at further editorial cuts due to “the opportunities of artificial intelligence”, signaling a shift towards AI adoption in journalism.

Lenovo’s Billion-Dollar Investment in AI

Lenovo revealed plans to invest $1 billion over the next three years to advance and enhance AI systems. A significant portion of this funding, $100 million, will be allocated to the Lenovo AI Innovator Program, emphasizing the tech giant’s dedication to AI innovation.

AI in Packaging Market Poised for Rapid Growth

The AI in packaging market is projected to reach US$ 6,015.6 Million. Key trends include predictive maintenance, quality assurance through computer vision, supply chain optimization, voice and image recognition for hands-free operations, and data analytics for insights into consumer behavior and operational efficiency.

AI Breakthroughs in Cancer Diagnostics

GlobalData predicts that more IVD manufacturers will integrate AI technology into their devices to improve diagnostic and treatment predictions. This advancement has the potential to revolutionize cancer diagnostics in the coming decade.

EU Approves Landmark Artificial Intelligence Act

The European Parliament passed the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act, establishing one of the first regions to implement AI-specific legislation at this level. The Act aims to rigorously regulate AI services and address potential risks.

DeepMind’s RoboCat Learns Diverse Robotics Tasks

DeepMind developed RoboCat, an AI model capable of performing various tasks across different robotic arm models. This breakthrough could have significant implications for the field of robotics.

Scientists Explore Living Woodlice for Robotic Hands

In a unique experiment, researchers attached pill bugs and chitons to a robot arm to study the collaboration between living creatures and machines. The practical applications of this research are yet to be determined.

That concludes this week’s AI tech update. Stay tuned for more exciting news from the world of AI next week!

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